Feng Shui Art
Incense of Wealth by Chi-Jen Liu

The Full Collection of Art Prints

Not everyone can afford to buy original paintings. That is why art reproductions are the next best thing! Many individuals who order Chi-Jen Liu art prints come back again and again because they can feel the positive changes that occur in their lives when his art is displayed in their homes or offices. Our on-line gallery of framed prints is organized by theme.

Chi-Jen Liu's art is constantly evolving and new works will continue to be added to The Full Collection of Art Prints. Earlier works, paintings in progress and images that will soon be available as art prints are featured on Instagram and on the front page.

Code of the Dragon Clouds

Dragon Constellation

Nature's Sacrifice

Quan Yin Spreads Wealth of Compassion


Lotus Autumn

Lotus East

Lotus North South

Lotus Summer

Lotus Winter


Romantic Lotus


Green Mountains Rolling Coins

Happiness Longevity Luck Coin

Incense of Wealth

Karma Coin

Multi-Dimensional Spiral of Fortune

Rolling Coins and Longevity Turtle

Rolling Coins Waves

Sixteen Suns Promotion


Buddha and Fish Promote Abundance

Dragon Emperor on Lotus

Five Roads Fortune Buddha

Mocojelo Bona Dea

Mocojelo Galaxies


Quan Yin Protects You


Elephants and Sun

Forest of Rejuvenation

Lover Phoenixes Carry Lotus

Mountain Meditation


Mountains Linked Like Pearls Karma

Peaches and Bamboo

Relaxing with Deer

Sacred Bamboo Forest


Baby Love

Dreams Come True Night

Eyes of God

Secret Code of Life

Secret Code of the Galaxies

Smiling Bona Dea

Star of Power Galaxies

Tao Galaxy

Yellow Five Spirits of Wealth


72 Protection Mantra Charms Scroll

Bell of Protection

Crab and Peacock Protection

Dragon Calligraphy

Mantra Protection Calligraphy


Three Dragons Release Disease

Vegan Lifestyle Leads to Health


Fish Series

Dragonfish Releases Disaster

Dolphins Release Tai Shui Challenges

Fantasy Love

Promoting Wealth and Fame

Ten Fish