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"Rolling Coins Waves"

As a feng shui master, Chi-Jen Liu had often recommended the placement of water elements in home and office structures, such as fountains, aquariums, and pools. Why did he do this? In feng shui practice, water symbolizes wealth. Where there is water, there is life... and where there is life, there is growth. Growth is the prelude to abundance. That said, it was not always possible for Chi-Jen Liu's clients to create an actual water element in their building. Since this was not an uncommon situation, he started to provide feng shui solutions in the form of paintings that embody the element in need. As a matter of fact, his first book was titled, "The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution," which introduced his feng shui inspired art!

The principles of feng shui are based on five elements: wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. "Rolling Coins Waves" is a prime example of a water element painting made to generate more wealth energy in your environment. The layers of blue and gold lines that cushion the bottom of the piece symbolize ocean waves. Chi-Jen Liu sets eight coins afloat on these waves to represent that water is a carrier of wealth. He explains, "Rolling Coins Waves promotes worldwide success in stocks, foreign currency, trading, import, and export. Each coin is inscribed with a unique mantra charm to offer a blessing or protection. The coins above are gifts from heaven for your good karma... there are mantra charms for happiness, cooperation, achievement, social balancing, and shielding from disaster. The giant gold coin in the center represents booming business."

Chi-Jen Liu connects all the coins together with numerology. In Chinese culture, the numbers one, six, and eight can be articulated to sound like "road to prosperity." The coins are patterned thus: one coin in the center, six coins above, and eight coins beneath. Chi-Jen Liu also draws upon the feng shui concept of the "Flying Stars," which is the astrological calculation of the dominant energies of a particular annual cycle. He selectively paints constellations around the center coin that signify an auspicious period of economic growth. Every detail expresses the artist’s dedication to Taoist discipline – that man should conduct his actions according to patterns observed in nature.