Feng Shui Art

Coin Series

Green Mountain Rolling Coins

A large Chinese coin is the focus of this piece, but just as important are the mantra charms that surround it. Mantra charms are ancient Taoist symbols that are known to bear and transmit various vibratory qualities.

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Happiness Longevity Luck Coin

The "I-Ching" (also known as the "Book of Changes") originates from China. With a history of over 3,000 years, it was one of the most important Chinese classical texts used by the ancient Chinese emperors to guide the rule of their kingdoms and manage state affairs.

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Karma Coin

A giant coin is anchored in the center of a cosmic vortex. Transcendent energies from all directions flow toward the coin. Having "Karma Coin" before you can feel like seeing a mirror of your past good deeds.

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Rolling Coins Waves

Chi-Jen Liu connects all the coins together with numerology. In Chinese culture, the numbers one, six, and eight can be articulated to sound like "road to prosperity." He also draws upon the feng shui concept of the "Flying Stars," which is the astrological calculation of the dominant energies of a particular annual cycle.

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