Feng Shui Art
Tao Galaxy by Chi-Jen Liu

A selection of comments from individuals who own Chi-Jen Liu paintings, either as original art or art prints:


"I have a few paintings that I dearly love. My favorite piece is a very large painting of peaches and bamboo. It is hung at the center of our home. I think it brings great tranquility, harmony and unity to our family life. Many visitors to our home comment on the peacefulness they feel when they enter our home. The paintings I have in my office are to enhance business. One has the energy of six fishes, and the other is a somewhat mystical painting of the universe that encourages growth in finances and business. My husband has a scroll that was painted for him [by Chi-Jen Liu] in his office at work. As he works in a busy hospital (lots of negative feng shui energy), he has this added protection at work. The scroll is so beautiful that many who have seen it comment on its beauty, not knowing of its real purpose and just see it as a beautiful decorative piece.

Penny Stanley

"We are big fans of Chi-Jen Liu’s art. Holy Energy understands and picks up our prayers faster if we express and show it in symbols. To pray is one thing but to express it and actually make steps for accomplishing our dreams and desires is the next step; both are needed. [He] expresses his vision with such accuracy that it covers a vast spectrum of life’s experiences and opens up new ways of seeing and perceiving the structure of the world. [Our] favorite pieces are: "Longevity Empress Reaches Goals", "The Sacred Bamboo Forest", "Divine Lovers" and "Rolling Coins"... We are now getting the "Peacock Spirit" art and have a feeling that we will be in love with it, too."

Inna and Irina Barsukova

"The painting, "Sixteen Suns Promotion", was placed in my study area and assisted me in my academics during my freshman and sophomore years of college. Undisciplined and unfocused in high school, I went from a 3.0 GPA to a 3.8 GPA my first year. I thought the art was peculiar at first... But after living with it and analyzing further, I appreciated the money jar and representation of the coins. Its vibrant colors provided me with a warm feeling. The painting gave way for me to better organize my workspace. Clutter was a thing of the past. It provided me the energy to do work and not just play or lounge around. Thanks."

Brian Anthony Jacobe

"The [Chi-Jen Liu] paintings have provided protection, prosperity, insight, wealth, positive relationships, leadership opportunities, fame, peace of mind, and a continuing awareness of what life is really about. In addition to the numerous mantras contained in the paintings, which provide incredible power and support, the paintings are just very beautiful. Originals of course have exponentially more power than the prints, just as one would rather have an original Monet rather than a print. Having an original nearby is like having Chi-Jen Liu nearby, including all of his powerful and positive energy. And, while I don't ever see myself selling them, they will only continue to increase in value due to their effectiveness and their uniqueness. I do own several prints, and will probably acquire more, but to the extent I can obtain originals I will do so."

Jacob Reinbolt

"My favorite painting is the one that Chi-Jen Liu gave Jenny Liu for her 10 year jubilee. The "Secret Code of Life" is special to me because I focused on it the day before our youngest son was born and it always centers me when I am under stress... [My husband] enjoys waking up to the “Secret Code of Life”. It’s one of the first things he focuses on every morning. Staring at it makes him feel rejuvenated. It reminds him to keep dreaming, researching, planning and strategizing... For us, as a couple, the “Secret Code of Life” shows us the cycle of good and bad things that we will have to go through. Together we are constant and vigilant of how we treat each other, and how we take care of the life we are building together."

Cheryl Orlino

"My commissioned painting by Chi-Jen Liu has completely changed my life. Everyone who comes over always ask about my painting. I love the energy it brings to my home. I do not feel alone anymore. It’s beautiful beyond words. I have been chanting and meditating with it for over a year now and it has moved me out of a dark period of my life where I was lost and stuck. Since I have had this painting, I have been creative and meeting incredibly successful people to work with in my life."

Karin Abreu