Feng Shui Art

Lotus Series

Romantic Lotus

The lotus has been depicted in eastern art for thousands of years. In the west, the rose is generously featured in paintings, embroidery and decorative items; similarly, the lotus is a common motif in ancient architecture, textiles and scrolls.

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Lotus Summer

Gradually, the lotus rises from the dark depths and emerges as a pristine bud above the water's surface. Being born in darkness and blossoming in the light is why the flower of the lotus is seen as a symbol of spiritual evolution in eastern cultures.

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Lotus Autumn

Autumn is a season when nature begins to retire. Leaves fall and flowers fade. What was green and lush becomes dark and brittle. The lotus, too, sheds its dried petals and curls its leaves. Is it dying?

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Lotus Winter

Meanwhile, a turtle silently watches the changing landscape and is lulled into hibernation. Together, the lotus and turtle welcome winter as a season for rest and peace. Chi-Jen Liu created this serene image to show the beauty of longevity and the necessity of taking respite as we age.

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