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"Secret Code of the Galaxies"

Artist Chi-Jen Liu made this painting as a paternal blessing to his second daughter, Julie. "Secret Code of the Galaxies" depicts a complex arrangement of mantra charms, constellations and a combination of Taoist symbols. Each of them contain "codes," or messages, that have the power to enhance the positive energy that surrounds us. He said to her, "The galaxies contain infinite cosmic powers to help you create more love, wealth, longevity, harmony, fame, health, and talent. Meditating upon this painting helps attract these energies into your life."

The sun and moon symbolize nature's balance, and the gifts they freely bestow. Chi-Jen Liu explains, "The sun charges you with creative energy. It protects you from man-made and natural disasters. It activates life force in your body. The moon brings peace, romance, and happiness. It activates your spiritual energy and connects you to higher dimensions."

The bold and swirling colors in "Secret Code of the Galaxies" represent the five elements of feng shui philosophy. The pinks and reds are colors associated with fire. The white and yellows are associated with metal. The greens and blues, wood. The browns are associated with earth, and the blacks and grays relate to water. The five elements, interwoven with personalized mantra charms, are expertly arranged – like stars in the galaxy – to attract blessings and dispel darkness.