Feng Shui Art

"Quan Yin Spreads Wealth of Compassion"

In Chinese Buddhism, "Quan Yin" is often portrayed in spiritual art. She is known as the goddess of mercy and compassion. Many Eastern religions revere this personification because she represents the motherly aspect of God. In this painting, Chi-Jen Liu shows Quan Yin descending from heavenly realms. She smiles and pours riches upon the school and organic farm below. The school represents cultivation of intelligent and progressive thinking. The farm symbolizes living in harmony with nature by growing food without polluting the planet and poisoning our bodies.

Chi-Jen Liu further illustrates his vision of an ideal society. At the bottom left, ships approach a city of the future. They come from distant places to share global ideas and goods with others. Meanwhile, eight dragons are revealed from behind swirling clouds. They are messengers of peace and bless the harmonious exchange between cultures.

In the calligraphy on the right, Chi-Jen Liu explains his message, "When you encounter opportunities for wealth and achievement, Quan Yin encourages you to choose the path of compassion instead of greed." He points out that many of our environmental problems, widespread disease and financial downfalls are caused by selfishness, ignorance and fast profit. However, this negative trend can change if we make the effort to give more than we receive. Few people are able to take the path of compassion, but he hopes this painting allows people to see the beauty and wealth that comes from selflessness and patience.


Before devoting himself full-time to an artistic career, Chi-Jen Liu cultivated over 55 years of feng shui wisdom and Taoist practices. Today, he continues to inspire people from all walks of life by expounding his philosophy through his art and poetry.

He created the "Dragon Series" with a special theme in mind: blessings from the heavens. Chi-Jen Liu wanted to emphasize the importance of a global family, and therefore visualized these works from a bird's eye perspective. This series features imagery such as constellations personified as flying dragons and mountainous structures emerging from watery surfaces or rocky cliffs framed by billowing cascades. Scattered throughout these mystical sceneries are enlightened personages and sacred creatures that live in harmony with nature.

Chi-Jen Liu delights in merging poems into his artwork. His verses describe his hope and purpose behind each piece. He welcomes you to explore this handpicked selection from his "Dragon Series." It is his sincere hope that the star-studded dragons soaring through the swirling clouds will reveal their heavenly message to you.