Feng Shui Art

"Tao Galaxy"

Chi-Jen Liu is a practitioner of Taoism. But what is Taoism? He explains, "Tao is the nameless essence of the universe. The way of Taoism teaches you how to cultivate harmony with nature and virtue among all beings." In the painting "Tao Galaxy," he elaborates on the universal quality of this philosophy. "We are all made of energy. Vast galaxies are expressions of the high intelligence hidden inside creation. These messages create greater unity and understanding between us... and between all different forms of life."

Taoism embodies the principles of yin (feminine energies) and yang (masculine energies). It is considered a code of balanced behavior, or a way of life, that is in harmonious union with nature. It represents the equilibrium of the cosmic design that holds everything together.

A shell-like spiral in a vast ocean of space represents how opposite energies balance each other. The yellow is warm, but the blue is cool; the spiral bursts with light, but the space swallows it; the golden whirlpool has a clear center of gravity, but the ocean of space is floating with constellations. Coins of wisdom roll out of the golden spiral and can be likened to a cornucopia of blessings to all. The coins are embossed with mantra charms for peace, prosperity, protection, and many other benefits. Chi-Jen Liu offers us his perspective of the powerful intelligence and universal compassion that leads us to happiness when we look to the heavens for guidance.


Symbolism is an integral part of Chinese culture. This is clearly seen in the Chinese language in which the characters are iconographs and homophones are prevalent. With a language that communicates through pictures and double meanings, it is no wonder symbolism is engrained in Chinese art, literature, customs and folklore.

Chi-Jen Liu painted the "Cosmic Series" with the understanding that symbols originate from higher realms, and whether or not we understand them, they have a powerful effect on our whole well-being and the lives we live. His art expresses the messages that exist in nature and the multiple dimensions beyond our planet. He illustrates the cosmic patterns that are usually invisible to the naked eye.

Decades of meditation and deep study of ancient Taoist writings have inspired this series. Chi-Jen Liu developed an artistic style that could encompass the knowledge within his consciousness. These paintings are characterized by their resemblance to expansive diagrams. Chi-Jen Liu refers to these diagrams as the "secrets codes" of the universe. With radar-like inner vision, he transforms energy, vibrations and divine blessings into shapes, color, mantra charms and personal calligraphy.