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"Crab and Peacock Protection"

"Crab and Peacock Protection" tells a story about how to protect yourself. Artist Chi-Jen Liu selected the following creature symbols and spiritual metaphors for this painting because they embody the qualities that attract good company and the intelligence to make divinely guided decisions. The mantra charms promote their protective energies.

Peacocks are known for their exquisite plumage and vibrant colors. In cultures throughout the world, it is revered as a symbol of beauty and royalty. When a peacock displays his hypnotic feathers, they give him a luminous aura. His beauty attracts the admiration of bystanders. Gaining acclaim is a form of self-protection. It provides a positive shield and grants entrance into affluent environments.

Crabs are creatures of both water and land. They are symbolic of protection because they have the ability to find food and shelter in various places, all while staying safe inside their sturdy shells. It is said that sideways-walking crabs can navigate their way through obstacles and exit danger without harm.

The ringing of a bell clears away negative energy; it thus symbolizes purification of the body, the mind and one's environment. The dragons, and the pyramid with the single eye, represent spiritual forces. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is regarded as a guardian creature. Dragons patrol the realm between heaven and earth, and come down when needed to help mankind. The pyramid with the eye is a symbol of God, the one who sees all and protects all. Chi-Jen Liu says, "Listening to your intuition can help you avoid a negative situation. Developing good habits and good karma can create a positive energetic shield around you."