Feng Shui Art

"72 Protection Mantra Charms Scroll"

Chi-Jen Liu made this piece for personal as well as magnanimous reasons. He says, "With this scroll, I wish to share the legacy of mantra charms for the benefit of future generations. Taoist masters discovered these unique patterns had the power to apply natural laws for our benefit. Mantra charms are just as effective today as they were back then."

This artwork is comprised of 72 powerful mantra charms: eight mantra charms to resolve difficult feng shui problems – for each of the nine directions. Chi-Jen Liu pressed a divine seal upon each mantra charm while in a meditative state. His peace can be felt by focusing the eyes on the calligraphy and mentally tracing the fluid lines with a calm gaze. (Note: Chinese calligraphy is read from right to left.) Alternatively, one may also choose to trace the mantra charms with the index finger or an incense stick. Many have experienced clarity of mind from this practice.

The original form of this unique piece is a long continuous scroll of Chinese parchment; however, for practical reasons, it has been carefully photographed and digitally rearranged into a rectangular format for a wholistic viewing experience.


Chinese calligraphy has its roots in prehistoric art. A circle represented the sun. A curve represented the moon. Eventually, all the animals, plants and natural formations that man surveyed around him were translated into different combinations of circles, lines and dots. After thousands of years, these motifs developed into the Chinese characters used today.

Mantra charms evolved out of the patterns man observed in nature. For example, lightning was drawn as vertical lines and water became horizontal lines. They expressed the awesome power of nature's forces and became tools of communicating metaphysical concepts. Mantra charms embodied the wisdom of the ancient sages who understood the mechanics behind the universe on profoundly deep levels. Their knowledge was distilled into information-dense spiritual diagrams (aka mantra charms) and calligraphy that had the power to change the flow of thought and energy.

Before devoting himself full-time to an artistic career, Chi-Jen Liu cultivated over 55 years of feng shui wisdom and Taoist practices. His background as a feng shui master strongly influences his work. The "Mantra Charm Series" is a selection of paintings that feature the unique combination of calligraphy and mantra charms. These pieces have the potential to adjust or purify the energies of private and corporate spaces. Collectors seek mantra charm artwork when their environment has unstable energy, a negative history, or inharmonious vibrations from neighboring properties.