Feng Shui Art
Dragon Landscape by Chi-Jen Liu

Dragon Landscape by Chi-Jen Liu


How do you define "interior"? It can mean several things. For some, interior is a private space, like a living room or a bedroom. But interior is not limited to the house. Interior can also be an office, a meeting room, or a lobby area. Basically, an interior is formed whenever a distinction can be made between an inner and outer environment. How clear that distinction feels is up to each individual. For those whose home is a sanctuary after a busy day, being able to recharge after work or school is a priority. For those whose lives revolve around the work place, feeling inspired and able to focus is important to their success.

Three Roosters by Chi-Jen Liu

Pines and Birds by Chi-Jen Liu

Chi-Jen Liu has been making paintings for the past 30 years that are specifically intended to transform the energies of residential and business interiors. Since the beginning of his artistic journey, his background as a feng shui master formed the basis of most of his pieces. Applying feng shui to a building means to harmonize the flow of energy in and around it with the individuals living or working there. Upgrading furniture, decluttering or changing the alignment of doors are a few well-known examples of how feng shui can create positive energy in spaces. When Chi-Jen Liu worked as a feng shui master, he encountered situations where interior energies could not be corrected on a physical level. As a result, he developed paintings that incorporated mantra charms, Taoist diagrams, Chinese luck symbols and Buddhist deities. The concepts contained within ancient texts and imagery resounded with his clients and changed their lives on a much deeper level.

Buddha Mountains by Chi-Jen Liu

Great Wall Like a Dragon by Chi-Jen Liu

A metaphysical definition of "interior" is the mind, its thoughts and ideas. Not surprisingly, our mind is an invisible, yet vast, inner environment that has a greater influence on our happiness, relationships and ability to succeed, than our home or office environments. It is on this deeper level that Chi-Jen Liu offers his artistic expressions. Let's take, for example, his piece called "Forest of Rejuvenation." The title already suggests a sense of calmness because we associate forests with trees, fresh air and shade.

Forest of Rejuvenation by Chi-Jen Liu

It is an intimate space that invites creatures and humans alike to ponder stillness and appreciate the details of life, from dewdrops to towering pines. Rejuvenation comes from connecting ourselves with nature from time to time. Ideally, taking a peaceful walk through the forest should be easy, but in reality, getting there in person requires extra effort. Chi-Jen Liu painted "Forest of Rejuvenation" to transport our minds to that quiet environment instead. By taking in the scene, you can sit upon the grass with the master and his disciple, listen to the breeze passing through and focus on deep breathing. He paints a soothing image that has the potential to uplift your mood and help you create a better interior environment through the power of shifting your mental focus.

Dragon Couple by Chi-Jen Liu

Guardian Galaxy and Reincarnation Buddha by Chi-Jen Liu

Exploring Chi-Jen Liu's art is like opening windows to ancient times and unlocking doors to usher in the hidden forces that propel human evolution. His work heightens our awareness of nature's laws, and he gives us glimpses into majestic cosmic realms.