Feng Shui Art
Chi-Jen Liu painting "Code of the Dragon Clouds"

A Taiwanese native, Chi-Jen Liu immigrated to the United States in 1976 with his family. Before devoting himself full-time to an artistic career, Chi-Jen Liu cultivated over 55 years of feng shui wisdom and Taoist practices. Today, he continues to inspire people from all walks of life by expounding his philosophy through his art and poetry. He resides in Los Angeles.


A respected teacher of ancient Chinese philosophies, Chi-Jen Liu is passionate about deepening our awareness and appreciation of life. His paintings are windows into his thoughts and concepts. He invites us to explore this inner universe, and see the world as he does. Like a child narrating a vivid dream, details are meticulously described, plants and animals are used as metaphors, and stories are set in the royal palaces of past dynasties and cities of the future. Chi-Jen Liu’s favorite theme is wisdom descending from higher dimensions. His art is a modern day tribute to the venerable sages who developed Taoism.


Chi-Jen Liu is a lifelong practitioner of Taoism, which includes inner contemplation and a mystical union with nature. Chi-Jen Liu begins his painting in deep meditation, cultivating the spiritual energy that drives his brush. The abundant use of mantra charms in his paintings represent universal life force, and they activate healing and transformation in receptive viewers.


Most Chinese paintings are created using water and ink on paper, but Chi-Jen Liu experiments with a wide range of mediums. Acrylic paint, markers, pens, even glitter and rubber stamps enhance his colorful imagery; however, his modern techniques are tempered with the traditional Chinese calligraphy brush. His work balances reverence for tradition and personal artistic vision.


Chi-Jen Liu authenticates his original paintings with a collection of personal artist seals made of stone, wood, and ivory, stamped in red cinnabar paste. Engraved on precious stones or jade, a personal chop is imbued with the power of the person who presses his energy through it. Some of the carvings in the chops are Chinese characters that denote Chi-Jen Liu's name, his art concept, and the names of Buddhist and Taoist deities.


Some original paintings are for sale. The paintings are also available as high-quality canvas prints. Contact us for more information or to order prints.